The Adventures of Evets!


Evets Relhots, shifted uncomfortably in his chair. He had seen this play many times before and each time more boring than the last. He watched the actors dance and scurry around the stage but really wanted nothing more than to take a nap in his chair. His tired old bones ached from the cold weather outside.

From a table of refreshments to his side, he poured himself some coffee and selected a nice piece of chicken. As he drank and ate, he thought back to his younger days, ignoring the actors who endeavored to recapture his attention by speaking louder.

He thought back to when he was a child and how enjoyable things were then. His older brother, Ekim, always found ways to harass him. Evets smiled. It seemed like such a struggle back then but in his older age, he knew it only made for great childhood memories.

He took a bite of chicken and recalled his travels to the far away land of swamps, called Adi’rolf. It seemed like such a backwards place with strange inhabitants, but he soon learned how to live in the swamps and beaches and made many friends with the locals. Although he enjoyed his life in Adi’rolf, he left his friends to returned home.

Upon his return, his life became full of adventure. He battled demons, monsters and even a dragon named Anig! After a while, he became so strong and so fierce that he fought and subdued a monster with large bladed teeth. Evets chuckled to himself thinking back to when he used to hold the monster by his feet forcing it to eat the grass around his home. Soon, he became so good at controlling the monster he made it eat the grass of the surrounding houses almost on a daily basis.

Evets, turned his attention back to the actors on stage. His favorite character was about to make his appearance, “Physician What.” In anticipation, Evets lit a pipe, breathing in the heavy smoke that started to fill the area.

Physician What, entered the stage and spoke his lines that Evets knew by memory. Evets was so captivated that he did not notice the glowing embers from the pipe pop out on to his shirt. The shirt bore a number of similar burned holes where Evets had let it happen before. When the embers burned through the shirt, Evets felt the hotness. With a flick of his hand he cast the embers down to his pants where they burned another hole. After a quick dance like action in his chair of flailing his arms wildly and lifting his body, Evets found the embers and cast them onto the floor.

Looking out the window, Evets knew it was getting late. He hoped to get in a nap before he would go home to sleep. The day just had too many hours.

As he closed his eyes, even with the sound of the actors in his head he quickly fell asleep. Suddenly, a loud knocking came from the door in the next room. Evets awoke trying to clear his sleep-filled mind.

“Yeah, just a minute!” he yelled out taking a few minutes to lift himself from his chair. He slowly walked across the room and opened the door.

To his surprise Rathen, Bulo and Thack all stood outside with party hats on their heads. Rathen held a small cake. Evets chuckled seeing the tiny paper hat on Bulo’s giant head.

“Surprise!” All three said at the same time. “Happy Birthday, Evets!”

Evets smiled widely and waved them in, “Come in! There’s chicken enough for all of us!”

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