October Writing Challenge: Scare me!

Subject: Scary Halloween, please
Setting: Halloween
Time Period: Whenever you’d like
Length: Let’s keep it short
Restrictions: none
Due: October… since that’s when Halloween takes place…

Dear Writers:

It’s that time again… where pumpkin lattes, pumpkin beers, costumes and horror movies on TV seem to take over our lives. As if they wasn’t scary enough, it seems some stores already have their Christmas displays out. But before we starting jumping on the Christmas train, let’s try to enjoy Halloween first.

Last month our writing challenge was “Scary, but without the blood and gore,” so this month should be about scaring the daylights out of us. Let’s be as dark and gruesome as we want while keeping it tasteful.

Scare me!

So set aside those Pumpkin Lattes and let’s get to writing.


The Fury of Evets. Writing Challenge Entry – February

Subject: Japan
Setting: In Japan or about Japan
Time Period: Any
Length: Let’s keep it short
Restrictions: None
Due: February


It took over twelve hours for Evets to reach Japan by airplane. He was tired and hungry and sitting in coach had cramped his legs to a painful level. He slowly stood up, running his fingers over his face, his skin was dark and wrinkled like weather worn leather. His hand moved from his face down to his long, straggly, gray beard grew from his chin and mouth, stretching down to his chest

He picked up his small bag from the overheard compartment and anxiously entered the Osaka airport. After picking up his checked baggage that was a long-thin case he walked in the airport. It was time for his to get to work.

The hustle and bustle of the airport made him nervous. With a grumble of dissatisfaction, Evets searched the crowd for someone looking in his direction.  Soon, a young, attractive Japanese woman approached him. “Are you Evets Relhots?” She asked in Japanese.

“That’s me,” Evets replied in perfect Japanese.

The woman looked him in the eyes and paused. “My name is Saruyi Matsunaga,” she said with a bow. “I thought you would be … younger.”

Evets returned the bow with a nod. “It’s common for young eyes only to see age … and not appreciate the wisdom that comes with it,” he said with a grin.

Saruyi replied with another bow.

“Now, let’s get on with this.”

The two walked out of the airport and into a waiting car outside. They drove for about an hour to a large house outside the city of Kyoto. They drove behind the house where there was a large compound where men and women were training with wooden swords, yelling with each strike.

“We are here,” Sayuri said, exiting the car as soon as it stopped. Evets remained in the backseat surveying the area, his hand rested on his case. He looked out to see Sayuri talked with two young men. Soon, they bowed and walked away while the other approached and open the back door. “Evets-San, please come with me.”

Evets slowly got out of the car with a sigh of discomfort, taking his case with him. The sigh seemed to agitate the young man who shook his head with a frown. Evets paid him no attention and followed Sayuri into the house. The man followed.

Passing a number of rooms and down several hallways they came into a large open area where a gray-haired man sat in a chair. Upon seeing the small group, the gray-haired man stood.

“Master Relhots, it is an honor to finally meet you! I have heard much of your abilities,” The gray-haired man said giving a deep bow.

“Mister Matsunaga, I presume,” Evets said with a nod.

“You have answered our call at a critical time. We need your help to defeat the Hoshuyama Ninja Clan that plagues our family. We are a proud ancient Samurai family. However, our success has attracted many enemies over the years. You must defeat them.”

Evets sat down his long case and smiled. “Matsunaga, I am sure I can deal with your problem,” he said, rocking back and forth on his feet.

The man who followed them in rushed forward. “Father, this old man cannot fight off our enemies! How do you—“

“Silence, Yoichi! This man who stands here in front of you is more than you can see. He is one of the only masters of the sword art called Muto Ryu.”

“Muto Ryu? That’s a fantasy art! If he fights with “muto” that means he has no sword! He clearly has a sword with him in that box of his.”

Evets stood silently, his eyes still fixed on Mr. Matsunaga.

“Father, just look at him! He must be eighty years old!”

“Young eyes only see age, not the wisdom it produces,” Sayuri’s voice could be heard from behind Evets.

“Ah, my daughter speaks with hidden wisdom,” Matsunaga said with a smile.

With a growl, the young man stormed out of the room.

“You must forgive Yoichi. He is young and foolish. Please forget his words,” Matsunaga spoke.

“I’ve forgot him already,” Evets replied.

“May I have the honor of seeing it?” Matsunaga asked, eyeing the box sitting at the feet of Evets.

Evets smiled. “Of course,” he said. He bent down to open the box. He pulled out a sword with the strings tying the sword to the sheath. He flashed a look to Sayuri who quickly walked over to take the sword from his hands. She looked at it as she slowly walked to her father. She held it with both hands horizontally, giving it to her father.

“Ah, very nice,” Matsunaga said, starting to untie the blade.

“I have to ask that you do not pull the blade free,” Evets said.

“Yes, Yes. Of course,” Matsunaga said leaving the strings. He looked it over and handed it back to Sayuri. “We fear the Ninja will attack tonight, so please be ready.”

“Of course.” Evets said taking his sword back. “Please show me to my room. I am tired.”

Matsunaga nodded.


A knock on the door woke Evets from his sleep. He sat up on his bed on the floor. “Yes?”

The door opened, “It’s late. You’ve slept twelve hours, the Ninja may soon attack,” Sayuri spoke.

“Yes, yes, yes… I’m up.” Evets said, standing up as his bones cracked in discomfort. He placed his sword in his belt and walked out.

The two walked back into the large room where Matsunaga sat with Yoichi and five other men with swords. “If they attack tonight, it should be soon.”

Evets nodded and sat down, but soon fell back asleep.

The sound of clashing swords woke Evets. Three Ninjas had slain two of the six guards and gained ground toward Matsunaga. Evets slowly stood and stretched his arms. He moved in between Matsunaga and the three, setting his footing. Another guard fell leaving only Yoichi and one other guard. They backed up behind Evets. The three Ninja took notice of the old man and seemed confused. They stopped and looked at each other. Evets stood in a ready position staring down the Ninja. As they moved forward, Evets reached down for his sword, wrapping his finger tightly around its handle. The Ninja hesitated, then tried to move around Evets. But Evets moved to match their each step. They stood for what seemed minutes locked into the confrontation. The Ninja seem to gain confidence and moved forward.  Evets moved his hand to free his sword. He slowly pulled the glistening blade and held it in front of him. The Ninja backed up, with their weapons in front of them. Evets held his ground without waiver. The Ninja, backed up again.

“I’ll tell you this once,” Evets said in a commanding voice. “Bring your leader here tomorrow to deal with me, or I will hunt you all down and end the legacy of the Hoshuyama Clan.”

The Ninja nodded and slowly backed away into the darkness of the night. Evets sheathed his sword and sat back down.

Yoichi rushed over and bowed deeply to Evets. “Thank you,” he spoke.

Evets replied with a nod.

“Master Evets, your skill has saved us for this night. However, tomorrow I fear it may be our end if the head of the Hoshuyama Clan does come. For now, we can rest easy.”

Evets returned to his room and laid back down. Soon he heard a soft knock at the door. Sayuri walked in. “Master Evets, I saw your skill tonight from the back room. I wanted to thank you for saving my brother and father from harm.  I wish to share your bed tonight,” She spoke as she removed her clothing.

Evets did not need to be thanked, and he thought Sayuri had a strange way of thanking him. But, it would be rude if he declined. “Alright. Well, I usually sleep on the left side, so you can have the right.” Evets rolled to the left and quickly fell asleep.

In the morning, Evets woke to find Sayuri gone. The right side did not seem to be slept in. He guessed Sayuri did not sleep much that night. He rolled back over and slept until noon. He ate a little for lunch and took a nap until dinner. After dinner he slept until he was waken up near midnight to face the Ninja Head.

Evets placed his sword back into his belt and walked into the big room where only Matsunaga sat. “No guard tonight?” Evets asked.

Matsunaga looked up, “They do not seem to have as much faith as I have in you. They know the Head of the Clan comes.”

Evets nodded.

Soon, a large figure appeared from the darkness. “Are you the one who challenged me?”

“I am. My name is Evets and I fight for this family.”

“Fool,” the Ninja head laughed. “Then you will die along with them!”

The Ninja pulled his sword and slowly approached. He was cautious and moved with grace.

Evets stood at the ready with his hands at his side. As the Ninja approached, Evets reached down and freed his sword. The Ninja let out a battle yell that caused Matsunaga to move back.  Evets answered the yell by pulling his blade. He held it in front of him, with the tip pointed at the Ninja. As he continued to inch forward, Evets let out a battle yell that seem to rumble the walls and floor. The Ninja stopped in place. The two locked their weapons together waiting for the other to move.

The Ninja shifted in place, but Evets remained still. Soon, the Ninja moved around Evets, but each step was matched by him. The Ninja moved in just a small step, Evets was quick to move his blade toward the Ninja’s throat. The Ninja stopped … then took a step back. Evets let out another battle cry and stepping forward. The Ninja quickly stepped back, without returning the yell.

After several minutes, the Ninja looked under strain. He back up once, then twice. Soon, the Ninja dropped his weapon to his side. Evets stood still, his presence still pushing forward.

“I understand,” the Ninja said. “Now I see what my men spoke of. I will leave this family alone.” With a slight bow, the Ninja backed into the darkness.

“That was incredible!” Matsunaga said. We must celebrate this victory.

“Yes, you can celebrate but I am going back to bed.”

The next morning Evets’s car was ready to take him back to the airport. Matsunaga stood with Yoichi and Sayuri by his side. Yoichi looked at him with bright eyes, but Sayuri avoided all eye contact. That was strange, thought Evets.

“From our family, we thank you again, Master Evets,” Matsunaga spoke, giving a bow.

Yoichi ran up to Evets. “I wish to train in your Muto Ryo, Master Evets,” he spoke. “It is very strong.”

Evets shook his head. “I cannot teach Muto Ryu”

“What, why?” Yoichi spoke.

“Muto Ryu is not a style, it is an idea,” Evets said. “To win a fight without killing. To defeat an enemy without the need of using your sword. The power comes from within, not from brute force. You must show your enemy that they would have no chance of winning if they attacked.”

“But you won!” Yoichi said.

“The point is that the problem was solved without the need to fight.”

Yoichi bowed deeply.


Evets took the car back to airport and was happy the hear the Matsunaga family paid for a first-class seat for his return.  If he ever saw Mister Matsunaga again, he would offer to share his bed to show his thanks.

The End

The Big Race

Subject: An Action scene
Setting: Any
Time period: Any
Length: Less than 500
Restrictions: None
Due: April 30th


Trent walked towards his car, barely containing his excitement.  He had been waiting for this for what seemed like forever and he couldn’t help grinning uncontrollably.  His heart was beating fast as he gulped from his cup anxiously waiting to roll.  He looked up to see the signal he was waiting for and jumped in, pressing his foot down hard on the gas pedal to make the race car take off fast as lightening.

Trent jumped into the lead in the initial straight away, picking up even more speed as he rounded the first turn.  Just then his car sputtered.  What was this?! he thought.  No, no, no, not now!   Trent’s car started to slow down and several cars passed him.  His heart started to sink as he realized his chance to win this one was slipping.

As he looked out the car window up towards the people around him he wondered if his fans would still be fans if he lost.  They seemed disinterested in the race, or at least bored with his failure today to maintain his ‘Fastest Car in the World’ reputation, and he had grown accustomed to having all the ladies hover around him.

Then, just as suddenly as it began, his car returned to its usual perfection.  Thankful for the sudden break he kicked it into gear and sped off towards the next turn.  His tires squealed as he leaned into it, doing his best to ignore the large, blurry towers at the edges of the track.  They could be very distracting if he let them but with his coach’s words in his ears he kept his eyes forward and his hands on the wheel.  He appeared to be back in the lead, no other cars in sight.

Trent grinned again, this time as he was speeding through an S-curve, his favorite one on this track.  He knew this curve was the most difficult one of all the tracks he had been on but he did his best to keep focused.  As Trent struggled not to become distracted, the large towers and all the people tempted him.  Determination was his friend now, and he worked hard to keep his focus.

As Trent punched the gas pedal the car sped up and into the last curve.  He passed one more car and was saddened when he realized he had finished the lap.  He pulled up to the finish line and leaped out of his car.  So overjoyed at winning another race he suddenly couldn’t help himself any longer.  Those large towers drew him in and he ignored the coach’s words.  Trent ran over, grabbed at the towers, and jumped as he heard his coach.

“Trent!  No candy today, it is not time for a snack.”  Trent looked down in disappointment, then grinned and looked at his mom with innocent eyes willing her to give in to the chocolate.  As she shook her head, he noticed all the ladies looking at him sweetly.  Well, he thought, at least I won the race.