October Writing Challenge Entry- Moose

October Writing Challenge


On a dreary October night, Robert sat absent mindedly watching the news. It had been raining for well over a month now with no end in sight. The rain pattered against the window and the wind howled. For the first part of October it was unseasonably cold even for Iowa. As the weather man droned on Bob grew weary and soon drifted off into a bored slumber.


When Bob awoke, he noticed that for once it was sunny outside. Birds chirped happily, and children ran the streets playing. Bob walked out his front door and was greeted by the warm sun on his face.


This is odd, thought Bob, it is supposed to be cold and rainy for weeks.


As the thought crossed his mind Bob felt a sharp stabbing pain in the base of his neck. He shook it off and decided it was time for a nice long walk.


As Robert walked, something seemed wronged. Cars were different colors, trees and landscapes were out of place. Every time Bob noticed something that seemed off, that sharp pain returned, and he put his head down to continue his walk.


After a decently long walk, Bob turned around to return home. As he walked he noticed again, that certain cars were a different color than when he walked past them the first time. The sharp pain returned but this time he ignored it, pushing on. The pain grew until Bob couldn’t take it any longer. Bob collapsed on the green lush grass in front of his house begging to know what was happening. Bob crawled forward crying out in agony.


“Enough!” came a raspy voice from behind him.


Bob turned and saw a tall figure standing right behind him. The face resembled that of a man but was missing large chunks of skin and muscle, exposing the skull underneath. The creature raised its bony hands void of all tissue and shot strings from their fingertips. The strings hooked themselves to Bob’s neck, arms, hands, legs, feet and the top of his skull. The creature forced Bob to his feet by pulling on the strings attached to him by large metal fishing hooks. His skin tore under the pressure as he screamed, but the creature continued to pull.


“Come.” The creature pulled Bob forward, tearing skin and muscle from bone. Bob tried to struggle but the creature was to strong. The more Bob fought he could feel his tissues tear. Blood began to soak threw his clothing as the ground feel away from the creature’s feet. As the creature pulled, the portal opened wider. Bob was dragged forward, screaming for help. Reaching the creatures side, he saw it smile, the face splitting in the middle to reveal razor sharp needle shaped teeth.


“Soon your life will be mine”, The creature rasped. Bob felt his skin begin to melt and tear away as the spots of missing tissue were filling in on the creature. Once the creature had assumed Bob’s visage, his lifeless body was thrown into the portal.


“This will have to do for now…”

June/July Challenge: The Choice

So this isn’t completely suspenseful, but it is in its own way.  It’s a new blending of suspense and depressing.  It’s deprenseful.  As for my incredible lateness, I don’t have any excuses; I’ve just been lazy.  I’d like to get back to one a month though, so I’ll post a challenge for September after I post this story.

The sunlight shone down hard on the green grass at the Johnson family’s quiet suburban home.  The lawn had been mowed just a few days ago and everything looked pristine.  The Kool-aid Man looked at grass with a wistful smile on his face.  He appreciated the colors of the world much more than he had just days before.  The way the sky went from light to dark blue, the leaves changing from green to all sorts of different shades; this was his world and all he wanted to do was to drink it in.

He felt the cool autumn breeze blow around his pitcher and send a rush through his glass.  The hairline fractures even felt renewed, as though they could somehow heal themselves.  The birds chirped their messages to each other and in the distance he heard squirrels trying to accompany the birds with their chittering.  He smiled, closed his eyes, and let his mind drift back.

For the first few moments, The Kool-aid Man felt like he was back in his prime.  He was gleefully smashing down walls as though they were paper thin.  Children everywhere were excited to see him and parents were mortified at the damage he would cause.  It didn’t matter to him though, all that mattered was getting those kids their drinks.  He felt like a god.  He could go anywhere and knock down any wall.

Then his memories drifted back to the moment that still haunted him.  That time three weeks back when he smashed down a wall with his usual gusto, but walked away with a slight leak.  He had seen small leaks before, and they were usually nothing a trip to the doctor couldn’t handle, but this time it felt different.  The leak felt larger.

“Mr. Man,” Doctor Chihuly said with a slight hint of sadness in his voice, “there is no other way to say this to you; if you keep smashing walls, you will most likely die.  You have to stop right now.”  The Kool-aid Man sat there for a moment in the heavy silence, then he realized he was leaking again.  This time it was Berry Blast and the leak was coming from his eyes.

The memories snapped him back into reality as a single drop of Wild Cherry rolled down his five-foot tall face.

This is it, Kool, he thought to himself, what are you going to do?  You’ve got enough money to retire.  You could settle down and take it easy.  Hawaiian Punch hasn’t been doing much these days, you could hang out with him more.

But what would it matter?  My life has always about breaking down the barriers between children and refreshments.  That’s all I’ve ever wanted.  Besides, the doc did say there was a chance I could keep doing this for years with just this small leak.  I knew my line of work was risky when I started doing it, but that didn’t stop me back then.

The breeze blew over his body again.  Thirty to forty percent chance, he thought, thirty to forty.  What does that really mean?  What does that honestly mean in the grand scheme of “will I live or die?”

The Kool-aid Man heard noises on the other side of the wall.  Timothy Johnson shouted, “Wow!  It changes colors in water!”  Time to decide, big guy.  What are you gonna do?

April/May Challenge – Funny Stuff

Subject: Add Some Humor
Setting: Any
Time Period: Any
Length: 500 Words
Restrictions: None
Due: Next Month

Since Grant is still in the middle of his big move( and it’s already the middle of this month), we’ll give this one a month and a half.  The premise is simple; write a story that is either humorous throughout or incorporates humor in some way.  If you’re not a fan of humor, then you can try your hand at wit, humour, hilarity, comedy, or jocularity instead.

September challenge entries

“I’ve got it!” shouted Dropsy Dropinstuff.

When leaves fall, my heart begins failing.

Neverending night, neverending day, traumatized brainwaves


“Can’t write nothing,” said unemployed writer.

Winter’s cold, my nose knows well.

“Apes aren’t people,” argued Tarzan’s lawyer.


“Fishermen? Good appetizers,” said the kraken.

The Nigerian prince needs our help!

Force ale, baby spews; never warm.

The story’s end never really began.



Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, a disease of the lungs.

June Writing Challenge – 40’s Detective Story

June Writing Challenge – 40’s Detective Story 

Subject: Write a story in the theme of a 1940’s Detective Story
Setting: Any
Time Period: 1940’s Theme
Length: Any
Restrictions: None
Due: June

Let’s push our normal writing boundaries by challenging a new genre… 1940’s Detective Story. Think of the old films or even the new films set back in the 1940’s genre, like Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, starring Steve Martin. Enjoy the writing and don’t be so concerned about writing a complete story. Just enjoy.

Let’s write!

1940's style

The Dark: Second submission – Writing Challenge – April

Subject: Creating a hook
Setting: Any
Time Period: Any
Length: Keep it short; 200 – 500 words
Restrictions: None
Due: April


Lucy leaned back against the wall staring off into the darkness of the room. Outside the small house the sounds of the zombies rustling around could be heard. When the zombies moaned, Lucy would shut her eyes and think back to the good times before the virus outbreak that turned the dead to walking monsters. The sound of zombie moans forced her to think of how they once were living people with lives and family. It was just easier to think of them as monsters.

“Hey Lucy, where are my smokes?” Matt asked, walking into the room?

“Not sure, hun. Did Steve take them?”

“Nah, they are up stairs making out again.” Matt said with a laugh.

“Well, that’s how they deal with the situation,” Lucy replied, wishing that her and Matt were closer like that. He had drifted so far from her these past few days.

“Well, I’m going to pop out to the garage real quick. I had them out there earlier today.

“No! It’s still dark. Just wait until morning,” Lucy spoke raising her voice.

“I’ll just be a minute.”

Lucy stopped herself from yelling at him. These days he just does what he wants regardless of the danger. She placed her hand to her side running her fingers over the 38 pistol she had beside her. She heard the back door open and shut but no sounds of zombies. She sighed in relief.

The sound of a shotgun make her jump off the floor. Matt did not have a shotgun. “Steve! Kim! Get down here now!” She picked up her pistol and rushed to the back door.  With a quick look around to make sure there were no zombies, she ran to the garage door. Holding her pistol in front she ripped the door open. Inside, lay Matt on the garage floor, his chest blown open. Over him stood an older man with leathery skin, unkempt hair and a stringy beard. He looked at her in surprise with wild eyes that darted apart but did not lift his gun.

“He wasn’t a zombie!” Lucy screamed, squeezing the trigger to her pistol.

The gun went off striking the man in the shoulder causing him to drop the shotgun. Just then Steve and Kim rushed in behind her.

“Who is he?” Steve asked.

“He just killed Matt!” Lucy shouted out still pointing her gun. The man stood in place covering his hand over his shoulder wound.

“What?” Both Steve and Kim.

“He would have changed… I’d seen it in his eyes.” The strange man replied.

“You’re mad! He’s fine!” Lucy said.

“I bet he’d been acting strange… right?” The strange man asked.

Lucy’s suddenly recalled Matt’s recent behavior and distance from her.

Steve bend down to Matt’s body looking over the arms and legs. He rolled down the sock revealing a wrapped left leg. “Sorry Lucy, this man may be right. Looks like he was bitten.”

“How can you tell if someone is infected?” Kim asked.

The strange man looked around at the three. “The eyes… The eyes turn yellow.”

Lucy could tell this man was out of his mind. “He’s crazy! Matt’s eyes were normal.”

“I can see things that most folks can’t!” The strange man yelled and rolled up his pants with his right hand revealing a heavily scarred left leg. “They attacked me but I am immune to the virus.”

“How?” Kim asked.

The strange man shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“What do we do with him?” Steve asked. “He might have the answer to cure the virus!”

Lucy raised her gun once again, “Kill him!”

August Writing Challenge – Romantic Comedy

I’m a bit late in posting a challenege for this month and I’m feeling a little amorous, so here it is; write a romantic scene with humor in it. The humor can come from anything; the actions, characters, phrasing, descriptions, whatever, just so long as it’s funny.

Subject: Write a romantic scene with humor in it.
Setting: Any
Time Period: Any
Length: 500 Words
Restrictions: None
Due: This Month