October Writing Challenge Entry- Hell at your Door.

With a swing of his hammer, George nailed the board across his living room window. He looked around inside his tiny home making certain every window and every door had been covered. “They won’t get me this year,” he said to his cat following closely behind him. It was a small thing with white fur with patches of orange and black. However, it had a striking feature of a patch of black around its eyes making its face resemble a raccoon. George hadn’t gotten around to naming it yet since it just wondered in his yard a week prior. After a few days of the cat sitting on his front porch, he brought it inside and fed it. It was the only other creature George associated himself with. The only friend he had for several years. The others… just couldn’t be trusted.

George patted the cat’s head as he walked into the kitchen. He opened a can of cat food and dumped it out on a dish on the floor. The cat eagerly ate it up. George smiled… but it quickly faded as he looked outside to see the growing darkness. It’s close.

He rushed as quickly as he old legs would allow to his back door. He pulled on the boards making certain they would hold. Last year was bad, but this year he was ready. As the sunlight faded and darkness fell, he listened carefully. Nothing. He rushed to the front of the house side-stepping his cat. Peering between the boards and through the window, he saw shadows moving about.

His doorbell rang. Kid’s voices could be heard. “Trick or treat,” they yelled.

“You kids better beat it… if you know what’s good for ya.” He let out a sigh of relief hearing them scurry away. Sure, they thought he was a crazy old man. A scrooge of Halloween but they didn’t know… they couldn’t know.

Most folks would think he’s lost his mind. Maybe thing he has gone senile. But he knew the truth. Ever since his car accident five years ago, the one where he should’ve died… there had been monsters coming to his house every Halloween since trying to claim his life. Last year they banged on his house until the sun came up… and then, like every year before that, they just disappeared.

A scraping noise came from the side of his house. He flinched, gasping. His action made his cat run under the kitchen table. “That’s right cat. You best stay there until morning.”

The noise of the scraping increased, moving toward his front door. He reached over and grabbed his walking cane and waited. Thump…Thump…. Came a knock on his door. “Go away!” he yelled. He held his cane out in front of him. Thump… Thump… it continued. “You ain’t getting in here this year, so clear out!” He waited… but no other sound came. George breathed a sigh of relief and lowered his cane. He turned to walk back to his chair, when another knock come from the door. “Trick or treat,” a child’s voice called out.

He ignored it, walked back to his chair and slowly lowered himself down. Another knock. “Trick or treat,” came the same voice. “Go away! There’s no candy here.”

“We don’t want candy,” the child’s voice called back.

“No?” George replied. “Well, what do you want?”

The voice answered back, “We want you… George.” The tone in the voice grew low from the child’s voice to something unnatural.

George sat up in his chair, his body tightened and the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. “No! And you ain’t getting in…” A scrape came from the front door. “We are already in.”

George grabbed his cane with both hands glancing around the room. A scraping noise came from the kitchen… from under the table. George shook his head… “No….” the cat emerged with glowing red eyes. It body grew to three times its normal size. It claws scrapped the floor as he stalked toward him. It’s mouth open in a snarl showing its fangs.

October Writing Challenge- 2018

Setting: Any
Time Period: Any
Length: 500 Words
Restrictions: None
Due: This Month


Here we are again… it’s October and we are looking forward to Halloween!

Let’s write a complete story of a Halloween theme. It can be scary, funny or serious. But please make it a complete story with a start and a ending-ish.  Create a character, tell a story about that character, and then find an ending that would satisfy a reader.

Now, get your scare on!



September Writing Challenge Entry- Martin and the Moose.

Subject: A Simple Story
Setting: Any
Time Period: Whenever you’d like
Length: Less than 500 words
Restrictions: none
Due: September 30th

Hi Moose. I wanted to show you the idea of a story, with a beginning and an end. I actually took what you wrote and wove it into a story. As you can read, the story has a theme of finding one’s home on the field. It is just a simple story but see how it starts, unfolds and ends. Thank you!!

Martin was only 12 when his grandfather passed away. He never knew his parents so his grandparents had been the only parents he had. His grandmother passed just a few years earlier. But the day soon came when the lady in the suit called on him. Without parental guardians he became what the suit lady referred to as “a ward of the State.” They would force him into foster care with a family he didn’t know. He was lost, desperate and didn’t want to live with anyone else. He cried for days and never came out of his room. His foster parents were nice, but they just weren’t his parents.

This next year at school was difficult for him. He stayed to himself, never talking with the other kids. Why should he. They still had parents and their lives were fine. Only his life had been destroyed and ripped apart. His hopes of playing football at school died with his grandfather who would stay up late telling him of the stories of when he played back in the 1930’s. It wouldn’t stop Martin from wandering around the football field after school, stopping for a while and dreaming of how his life could have been different… could have been fun… could have been… normal.

One day on the field a man called out to him. “You looking for someone?” A thick man wearing a jersey and a whistle around this neck asked. Martin jumped at his voice, not hearing his approach, but he remained silent. “I’m Coach Jackson,” the coach paused, took a breath and sat down next to Martin. “Are you Martin?” The boy looked up surprised and nodded. The coach put his arm around him. “I knew Moose, your grandfather.” The mention of his grandfather brought a smile to his lips. Martin looked up at the coach and saw something in his eyes that showed he truly understood. “Moose was a great man and a terrific player. Are you interested in playing, son?” Martin straightened up, his eyes watering. “Yes! Please, sir. Please!”

The coached hugged him tighter, his own eyes starting to water. “Just call me coach.”

The next year, Martin strapped on the gear and headed out for his first football game. The bulky shoulder pads, the menacing helmet, and the jersey. That jersey meant more to him than anyone could understand. He finally belonged.

Stepping onto the field for the first time was a day he would never forget. Game day, lights on, people in the stands. He could smell the sweet smell of the green grass as it gave way under his cleats. The roar of the crowd all but drowned out the sound of his heart pumping in his chest. His heart raced as he looked around at his teammates. The same boys he had trained so hard with all summer. They weren’t just teammates, they were his family.

Coach Jackson lead his team to the field. The players took their positions. Martin looked up to the people in the stadium and to the players in the field. He felt at home. Soon, the kick off. “This game is for you, grandfather.”

September Writing Challenge: A Simple Story

Subject: A Simple Story
Setting: Any
Time Period: Whenever you’d like
Length: Less than 500 words
Restrictions: none
Due: September 30th

Here we go again!

With the power of the Moose, we welcome Jared Peters!! Let’s start back by dipping into the shallow end. This September, let’s write a simple story of 500 words or less. The story has to have some kind of conclusion… even a cliff hanger. But just don’t go and leave the reader hanging for an ending.

Let’s write!


October Writing Challenge: Scare me!

Subject: Scary Halloween, please
Setting: Halloween
Time Period: Whenever you’d like
Length: Let’s keep it short
Restrictions: none
Due: October… since that’s when Halloween takes place…

Dear Writers:

It’s that time again… where pumpkin lattes, pumpkin beers, costumes and horror movies on TV seem to take over our lives. As if they wasn’t scary enough, it seems some stores already have their Christmas displays out. But before we starting jumping on the Christmas train, let’s try to enjoy Halloween first.

Last month our writing challenge was “Scary, but without the blood and gore,” so this month should be about scaring the daylights out of us. Let’s be as dark and gruesome as we want while keeping it tasteful.

Scare me!

So set aside those Pumpkin Lattes and let’s get to writing.


September Challenge: Scary Without the Violence; Pete’s Promise

Subject: Scary Without the Violence
Setting: Anywhere that isn’t covered in bodies and blood
Time Period: Whenever you’d like
Length: Let’s keep it short
Restrictions: no blood, no guts, no horrifically disturbing images
Due: September

Pete’s Promise

Pete sat on his couch watching the football game on TV. He reached over sticking his hand into a half-eaten bag of chips, plucking them into his mouth as pieces fell onto the white T-shirt he wore. He yelled his frustrations to the TV when his team made a fumble, as if the couch or anyone actually at the game could hear him. Pete had money riding on this and had considered it a sure thing. However, as the game played on he came to terms that he would likely never see his hundred dollars again.

He sighed heavily and reached over to grab the bottle of beer on this table and took a drink hoping it would help numb the pain of his loss. He noticed long dog hair stuck to the wet bottom of the bottle and batted it away with his hand. The hair reminded him of his promise he made to himself this year, and he hung his head in contemplation. Last year had been a massacre and he couldn’t bear dealing with that again. The images quickly flashed back to his mind almost making him drop his bottle. “No!” he cried, throwing the beer bottle across the room. “Never again!”

His heart raced as he fumed at himself, desperately trying to clear the images from his head. He looked over at the chains on the wall next to his chair hoping it would be enough to hold the beast. He looked outside seeing the day light of late of afternoon. There was still time. Today was Halloween and he knew the neighborhood children wouldn’t be around until early evening. Pete took a deep breath trying to calm is nerves. He focused back on the TV as the game drew to a close. Although his team had no chance to recover, the money he was about to lose no longer had any meaning to him.

The several beers he had drank, the bag of chips he ate and the lack of excitement of the game caused him to become drowsy and he soon slept. Pete abruptly woke with a sharp pain in his abdomen. What! He looked up at the TV that was showing a Cop drama. Where’d the game go?  He frantically looked outside to see the darkened sky and the full moon rising in the distance. No, no, it can’t be time already!  

His doorbell rang and he could hear the voices of the children laughing and talking. panic stricken, he rushed to the wall doubled over in pain. His teeth clenched and sweet rolled down his face. He struggled to place his hands in the cuffs attached to the chain and could just barely shut it as he fell to the floor convulsing.  He looked up trying to place his other hand in the cuff but his body shook uncontrollably. No… He lay on the floor desperately trying to fight the transformation.

The cool evening in the small town was filled with the sounds of laughter from the children dressed in their costumes running from house to house. The night was hushed by screams of horror and anguish … and then howling.



June/July Challenge – Grusom Twosome

Subject: Suspenseful Cliffhanger
Setting: Make it exciting!
Time Period: Dare to try anything
Length: Let’s keep it short…
Restrictions: You know no boundaries!
Due: June/July

This is a salute to Quark Newsom, a creation of Stephen Hancock.

Quark Grusom in The Mastermind in the Evil Tower.

It was midnight when Quark Grusom reached the ominous dark tower. He knew the evil masked fiend known as Grantonian, the mastermind behind the sinister plot to take over the city, was inside. A poisonous gas was set to be released on the City of Indiapapi at morning’s first light giving him only hours to act. His other concern was that his faithful sidekick, Stella had been taken captive just the day before. Quark knew he had to save Stella and defeat Grantonian this night … or everyone would perish.

Quark looked up at the tower with narrow eyes as he cliched his hands into fists. “He will pay,” Quark said under his breath.

He reached into the lime-green backpack on his back and pulled out his lime-green grappling hook. He carefully eyed over the area and then aimed the gun toward the tower. With the pull of the trigger the hook shot up into the air and over a ledge. Quark tested the connection by pulling on it. With a smirk of satisfaction, he climbed up the side of the tower.

The sound of moving rock caught his attention. He looked up to see large pieces of the rock wall falling toward him no doubt caused by the hook and rope. Quark swung from side to side as the stones flew by. Rocks scraped his shoulders and back as he swayed trying to protect his head.

Reaching the top, he tried to pull himself over the ledge. A large portion of the wall gave way causing Quark to lose his grip. He started to fall. He quickly reached out taking a hold of the rope once again. In doing so, he slammed into the side of the tower. As he hit the rock wall his shoulder rang out in pain.  His grip loosened sending him sliding down the tower. His mind raced, his body ached… he could’t allow himself to fail. The safety of the City hung in the balance. And Stella… he needed to save Stella!

Throwing his doubts and pain aside, he grabbed the rope with both hands as it tore into his skin. Slowly, he lifted himself up the rope and over the ledge. He cast aside his rope and look at his rare hands. His anger began to build, his eyes narrowed once more. He opened the large door in front of him with determination. He had a job to do, and that was to save everyone tonight!

Inside the large room, the masked Grantonian worked on a giant machine with several of his minions. He looked up. “Quark,” he spoke, seemingly anticipating his arrival. “You are just in time to witness this City’s destruction,” he said with an evil laugh that rang in Quark’s ears.

“No!” a voice called out from the side of the room. “Don’t let him do it.”

Quark looked over to see Stella in her lime-green outfit tied to a large chair. “Don’t worry Stella, I’ll stop him.”

Stella flashed him her soft eyes and smiled.

Quark focused back on the masked madman. “This ends now!”

“Get him!” Grantonian yelled out to his minions.

Quark reached behind to take out his bamboo shinai sword. While it would not kill his opponents, it would certainly leave a bruise. As the five minions rushed Quark, he danced around them like a cat, striking at them with this lime-green shinai. Soon, all five minions lay on the floor moaning in pain.

“What now, Grantonian?” Quark said with his Trademark smile.

The masked Grantonian frantically looked around the room. As Quark approached him he spoke, “you will not attack me.”

Quake stopped directly in front of the madman. “Oh yes I will.”

Grantonian said, “Oh no you won’t.”

“And why not?” Quake asked as he readied his shinai for an overhead strike.

“You  will not attack me …” Grantonian started to speak as he reached up taking a hold of his mask. “For I am your brother!” he said taking the mask off to reveal his all too familiar face.

“No! Tony! What have you become?” Quark cried out, falling to his knees dropping the shinai.

TO BE CONTINUED… Tune in next time…