October Writing Challenge Entry- Hell at your Door.

With a swing of his hammer, George nailed the board across his living room window. He looked around inside his tiny home making certain every window and every door had been covered. “They won’t get me this year,” he said to his cat following closely behind him. It was a small thing with white fur with patches of orange and black. However, it had a striking feature of a patch of black around its eyes making its face resemble a raccoon. George hadn’t gotten around to naming it yet since it just wondered in his yard a week prior. After a few days of the cat sitting on his front porch, he brought it inside and fed it. It was the only other creature George associated himself with. The only friend he had for several years. The others… just couldn’t be trusted.

George patted the cat’s head as he walked into the kitchen. He opened a can of cat food and dumped it out on a dish on the floor. The cat eagerly ate it up. George smiled… but it quickly faded as he looked outside to see the growing darkness. It’s close.

He rushed as quickly as he old legs would allow to his back door. He pulled on the boards making certain they would hold. Last year was bad, but this year he was ready. As the sunlight faded and darkness fell, he listened carefully. Nothing. He rushed to the front of the house side-stepping his cat. Peering between the boards and through the window, he saw shadows moving about.

His doorbell rang. Kid’s voices could be heard. “Trick or treat,” they yelled.

“You kids better beat it… if you know what’s good for ya.” He let out a sigh of relief hearing them scurry away. Sure, they thought he was a crazy old man. A scrooge of Halloween but they didn’t know… they couldn’t know.

Most folks would think he’s lost his mind. Maybe thing he has gone senile. But he knew the truth. Ever since his car accident five years ago, the one where he should’ve died… there had been monsters coming to his house every Halloween since trying to claim his life. Last year they banged on his house until the sun came up… and then, like every year before that, they just disappeared.

A scraping noise came from the side of his house. He flinched, gasping. His action made his cat run under the kitchen table. “That’s right cat. You best stay there until morning.”

The noise of the scraping increased, moving toward his front door. He reached over and grabbed his walking cane and waited. Thump…Thump…. Came a knock on his door. “Go away!” he yelled. He held his cane out in front of him. Thump… Thump… it continued. “You ain’t getting in here this year, so clear out!” He waited… but no other sound came. George breathed a sigh of relief and lowered his cane. He turned to walk back to his chair, when another knock come from the door. “Trick or treat,” a child’s voice called out.

He ignored it, walked back to his chair and slowly lowered himself down. Another knock. “Trick or treat,” came the same voice. “Go away! There’s no candy here.”

“We don’t want candy,” the child’s voice called back.

“No?” George replied. “Well, what do you want?”

The voice answered back, “We want you… George.” The tone in the voice grew low from the child’s voice to something unnatural.

George sat up in his chair, his body tightened and the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. “No! And you ain’t getting in…” A scrape came from the front door. “We are already in.”

George grabbed his cane with both hands glancing around the room. A scraping noise came from the kitchen… from under the table. George shook his head… “No….” the cat emerged with glowing red eyes. It body grew to three times its normal size. It claws scrapped the floor as he stalked toward him. It’s mouth open in a snarl showing its fangs.

October Writing Challenge Entry- Moose

October Writing Challenge


On a dreary October night, Robert sat absent mindedly watching the news. It had been raining for well over a month now with no end in sight. The rain pattered against the window and the wind howled. For the first part of October it was unseasonably cold even for Iowa. As the weather man droned on Bob grew weary and soon drifted off into a bored slumber.


When Bob awoke, he noticed that for once it was sunny outside. Birds chirped happily, and children ran the streets playing. Bob walked out his front door and was greeted by the warm sun on his face.


This is odd, thought Bob, it is supposed to be cold and rainy for weeks.


As the thought crossed his mind Bob felt a sharp stabbing pain in the base of his neck. He shook it off and decided it was time for a nice long walk.


As Robert walked, something seemed wronged. Cars were different colors, trees and landscapes were out of place. Every time Bob noticed something that seemed off, that sharp pain returned, and he put his head down to continue his walk.


After a decently long walk, Bob turned around to return home. As he walked he noticed again, that certain cars were a different color than when he walked past them the first time. The sharp pain returned but this time he ignored it, pushing on. The pain grew until Bob couldn’t take it any longer. Bob collapsed on the green lush grass in front of his house begging to know what was happening. Bob crawled forward crying out in agony.


“Enough!” came a raspy voice from behind him.


Bob turned and saw a tall figure standing right behind him. The face resembled that of a man but was missing large chunks of skin and muscle, exposing the skull underneath. The creature raised its bony hands void of all tissue and shot strings from their fingertips. The strings hooked themselves to Bob’s neck, arms, hands, legs, feet and the top of his skull. The creature forced Bob to his feet by pulling on the strings attached to him by large metal fishing hooks. His skin tore under the pressure as he screamed, but the creature continued to pull.


“Come.” The creature pulled Bob forward, tearing skin and muscle from bone. Bob tried to struggle but the creature was to strong. The more Bob fought he could feel his tissues tear. Blood began to soak threw his clothing as the ground feel away from the creature’s feet. As the creature pulled, the portal opened wider. Bob was dragged forward, screaming for help. Reaching the creatures side, he saw it smile, the face splitting in the middle to reveal razor sharp needle shaped teeth.


“Soon your life will be mine”, The creature rasped. Bob felt his skin begin to melt and tear away as the spots of missing tissue were filling in on the creature. Once the creature had assumed Bob’s visage, his lifeless body was thrown into the portal.


“This will have to do for now…”

October Writing Challenge- 2018

Setting: Any
Time Period: Any
Length: 500 Words
Restrictions: None
Due: This Month


Here we are again… it’s October and we are looking forward to Halloween!

Let’s write a complete story of a Halloween theme. It can be scary, funny or serious. But please make it a complete story with a start and a ending-ish.  Create a character, tell a story about that character, and then find an ending that would satisfy a reader.

Now, get your scare on!