September Writing Challenge Entry- Martin and the Moose.

Subject: A Simple Story
Setting: Any
Time Period: Whenever you’d like
Length: Less than 500 words
Restrictions: none
Due: September 30th

Hi Moose. I wanted to show you the idea of a story, with a beginning and an end. I actually took what you wrote and wove it into a story. As you can read, the story has a theme of finding one’s home on the field. It is just a simple story but see how it starts, unfolds and ends. Thank you!!

Martin was only 12 when his grandfather passed away. He never knew his parents so his grandparents had been the only parents he had. His grandmother passed just a few years earlier. But the day soon came when the lady in the suit called on him. Without parental guardians he became what the suit lady referred to as “a ward of the State.” They would force him into foster care with a family he didn’t know. He was lost, desperate and didn’t want to live with anyone else. He cried for days and never came out of his room. His foster parents were nice, but they just weren’t his parents.

This next year at school was difficult for him. He stayed to himself, never talking with the other kids. Why should he. They still had parents and their lives were fine. Only his life had been destroyed and ripped apart. His hopes of playing football at school died with his grandfather who would stay up late telling him of the stories of when he played back in the 1930’s. It wouldn’t stop Martin from wandering around the football field after school, stopping for a while and dreaming of how his life could have been different… could have been fun… could have been… normal.

One day on the field a man called out to him. “You looking for someone?” A thick man wearing a jersey and a whistle around this neck asked. Martin jumped at his voice, not hearing his approach, but he remained silent. “I’m Coach Jackson,” the coach paused, took a breath and sat down next to Martin. “Are you Martin?” The boy looked up surprised and nodded. The coach put his arm around him. “I knew Moose, your grandfather.” The mention of his grandfather brought a smile to his lips. Martin looked up at the coach and saw something in his eyes that showed he truly understood. “Moose was a great man and a terrific player. Are you interested in playing, son?” Martin straightened up, his eyes watering. “Yes! Please, sir. Please!”

The coached hugged him tighter, his own eyes starting to water. “Just call me coach.”

The next year, Martin strapped on the gear and headed out for his first football game. The bulky shoulder pads, the menacing helmet, and the jersey. That jersey meant more to him than anyone could understand. He finally belonged.

Stepping onto the field for the first time was a day he would never forget. Game day, lights on, people in the stands. He could smell the sweet smell of the green grass as it gave way under his cleats. The roar of the crowd all but drowned out the sound of his heart pumping in his chest. His heart raced as he looked around at his teammates. The same boys he had trained so hard with all summer. They weren’t just teammates, they were his family.

Coach Jackson lead his team to the field. The players took their positions. Martin looked up to the people in the stadium and to the players in the field. He felt at home. Soon, the kick off. “This game is for you, grandfather.”

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