June/July Challenge – Grusom Twosome

Subject: Suspenseful Cliffhanger
Setting: Make it exciting!
Time Period: Dare to try anything
Length: Let’s keep it short…
Restrictions: You know no boundaries!
Due: June/July

This is a salute to Quark Newsom, a creation of Stephen Hancock.

Quark Grusom in The Mastermind in the Evil Tower.

It was midnight when Quark Grusom reached the ominous dark tower. He knew the evil masked fiend known as Grantonian, the mastermind behind the sinister plot to take over the city, was inside. A poisonous gas was set to be released on the City of Indiapapi at morning’s first light giving him only hours to act. His other concern was that his faithful sidekick, Stella had been taken captive just the day before. Quark knew he had to save Stella and defeat Grantonian this night … or everyone would perish.

Quark looked up at the tower with narrow eyes as he cliched his hands into fists. “He will pay,” Quark said under his breath.

He reached into the lime-green backpack on his back and pulled out his lime-green grappling hook. He carefully eyed over the area and then aimed the gun toward the tower. With the pull of the trigger the hook shot up into the air and over a ledge. Quark tested the connection by pulling on it. With a smirk of satisfaction, he climbed up the side of the tower.

The sound of moving rock caught his attention. He looked up to see large pieces of the rock wall falling toward him no doubt caused by the hook and rope. Quark swung from side to side as the stones flew by. Rocks scraped his shoulders and back as he swayed trying to protect his head.

Reaching the top, he tried to pull himself over the ledge. A large portion of the wall gave way causing Quark to lose his grip. He started to fall. He quickly reached out taking a hold of the rope once again. In doing so, he slammed into the side of the tower. As he hit the rock wall his shoulder rang out in pain.  His grip loosened sending him sliding down the tower. His mind raced, his body ached… he could’t allow himself to fail. The safety of the City hung in the balance. And Stella… he needed to save Stella!

Throwing his doubts and pain aside, he grabbed the rope with both hands as it tore into his skin. Slowly, he lifted himself up the rope and over the ledge. He cast aside his rope and look at his rare hands. His anger began to build, his eyes narrowed once more. He opened the large door in front of him with determination. He had a job to do, and that was to save everyone tonight!

Inside the large room, the masked Grantonian worked on a giant machine with several of his minions. He looked up. “Quark,” he spoke, seemingly anticipating his arrival. “You are just in time to witness this City’s destruction,” he said with an evil laugh that rang in Quark’s ears.

“No!” a voice called out from the side of the room. “Don’t let him do it.”

Quark looked over to see Stella in her lime-green outfit tied to a large chair. “Don’t worry Stella, I’ll stop him.”

Stella flashed him her soft eyes and smiled.

Quark focused back on the masked madman. “This ends now!”

“Get him!” Grantonian yelled out to his minions.

Quark reached behind to take out his bamboo shinai sword. While it would not kill his opponents, it would certainly leave a bruise. As the five minions rushed Quark, he danced around them like a cat, striking at them with this lime-green shinai. Soon, all five minions lay on the floor moaning in pain.

“What now, Grantonian?” Quark said with his Trademark smile.

The masked Grantonian frantically looked around the room. As Quark approached him he spoke, “you will not attack me.”

Quake stopped directly in front of the madman. “Oh yes I will.”

Grantonian said, “Oh no you won’t.”

“And why not?” Quake asked as he readied his shinai for an overhead strike.

“You  will not attack me …” Grantonian started to speak as he reached up taking a hold of his mask. “For I am your brother!” he said taking the mask off to reveal his all too familiar face.

“No! Tony! What have you become?” Quark cried out, falling to his knees dropping the shinai.

TO BE CONTINUED… Tune in next time…