“Fear Grows” November writing challenge -NaNoWriMo

Subject: Write about a novel or novelist or process of writing.

Setting: Any
Time Period: Any
Length: 500 Words
Restrictions: None
Due: This Month

This is an “attempt” to write a part in my Novel where a very important event happens. I am using the NaNoWriMo to help “encourage” me to write a scene that I cannot seem to do otherwise. Let’s see how this goes : )


Vargas stood outside the large stone compound pacing back and forth on the stone pathway. His hands were clasped together behind him resting against his red robes. His eyes flashed over to the front doors every other second. He stood still, adjusted the black sash around his waist and looked up into the bright sky. He took a deep breath trying to calm his nerves. Shutting his eyes, he felt the sun on his face and listened to the wind blowing through the surrounding trees. He had to get his nerves under control quickly.

The sound of the front doors opening startled him breaking his concentration. He opened his eyes, unclasped his hands and stepped toward the door. A tall, thin figure dressed in black robes and a cowl draping over his face walked out and down the steps. He held a large package under his arm wrapped in dark leather.

“Litagas, sire. I am ready,” Vargas spoke, standing at attention.

The thin man looked at Vargas from under his cowl. His cold dark eyes seemed to pierce Vargas’s mind causing his to quickly look away. Without speaking, Litagas walked around to the side of the compound and into the trees.

Vargas followed until they were in a small clearing fully enclosed by trees. Litagas looked around and apparently satisfied, he carefully unwrapped the leather from a large red tome. Vargas knew the book well. It was the same one he took from the group Rathen led into Ghrakus Castle. He threw Rathen’s group into a deadly fight so he could find a chance to take the tome and get out. Recovering the book at Litagas’s command had placed him into a favored position. Vargas’s only competition for Litagas’s favor was a woman named Eva Davale whose purpose in the compound was still unknown to him.

Vargas watched as Litagas held the tome in one hand and pulled his cowl with his other. His face was thin and pale, his hair, short and dark.  He opened the book looking over both pages. He looked up and waved Vargas over to him. This is it. 

Vargas knew what was expected of him. He prepared himself and his spell. Litagas sat the tome on the ground and held his arms high. He chanted words Vargas had never heard before. Soon, a shimmering wall appeared in front of Litagas as he kept his hands high.

Vargas started his spell known as a death spell. It would kill a man or beast if allowed to contact them. Litagas was testing a shield spell and needed to test it. Vargas was there to test it, but he knew well that if he failed in his task, it could mean the death of either Litagas or himself at Litagas’s own hand.

At the nod of Litagas, Vargas cast his spell toward his Master. He watched as his spell hit the shield and passed through it with little resistance. To his horror, the spell hit Litagas in the chest sending him collapsing to the ground. He rushed toward Litagas concerned he was hurt. To his surprise his master jumped up, dusting himself off.

“Sire, are you alright?”

Litagas turned toward him with anger in his eyes. Vargas stepped back in fear.

“No! I am not alright. This spell continues to elude me.”

Vargas felt relieved he was not injured but wondered if the shield protected Litagas from the power of the spell of if his master was that powerful it did not effect him…

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