September challenge entries

“I’ve got it!” shouted Dropsy Dropinstuff.

When leaves fall, my heart begins failing.

Neverending night, neverending day, traumatized brainwaves


“Can’t write nothing,” said unemployed writer.

Winter’s cold, my nose knows well.

“Apes aren’t people,” argued Tarzan’s lawyer.


“Fishermen? Good appetizers,” said the kraken.

The Nigerian prince needs our help!

Force ale, baby spews; never warm.

The story’s end never really began.



Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, a disease of the lungs.

September Writing Challenge – Six Word Short Stories

Subject: Write a six word short story
Setting: Any particular place you can imagine
Time Period: Any time period is perfectly fine
Length: About this length, no more/less
Restrictions: It can only be six words
Due: It is due in September, dude

So we’ve had a small ” vacation”. Now it’s time for a challenge. Write six word short stories, friend. I will post the first one. Then, we keep editing that post. No need for individual entry posts. This is based on a legend. A legendary story about Ernest Hemingway.

Someone in a bar challenged Hemingway. “Write a short story for me. However, you must use six words. It may not be any longer.” Hemingway weighed his options very carefully. “I’ll take that bet,” said Hemingway. He took a moment to think. Hemingway cleared his throat to respond. “Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo”. “That’s seven words,” said the man.

And that’s how Hemingway started drinking.

I may have some details wrong. I think you get the point. “Let’s writing!”, drunken Hemingway once said.