Happy New Year! This Is The End.

January Writing Challenge – Write the end of a story

Subject:  Write the end of a story.  Give clues in the writing to explain what transpired.

Setting: Any

Time Period: Any

Length: 500 words or greater

Restricitions: The only restriction I would give is that the ending shouldn’t be one big flashback through the story.  Just use clues in what the characters say, think, or do.

Due: End of the month

December Writing Challenge – Evets’ Christmas

Subject: Anything relating to Christmas!
Setting: Any
Time Period: Any
Length: Let’s keep it short
Restrictions: Try to create a short story with a beginning and an end
Due: December


Evets sat in his chair sipping his eggnog and watching TV. His eyes were fixed on the black screen as if he was watching this year’s Christmas parade. However his TV broke several months ago and he didn’t have the money to buy a new one. He had been entertaining himself by looking into the screen and recalling his favorite shows. He picked up the remote and pushed the button to change the channel as he thought about other shows. The Big Bang Theory flashed in his head, he sat the remote down with a smile.

After a few hours he grew sleepy. With a yawn and a stretch, Evets walked toward his bedroom turning off the lights. He glanced over at the small Christmas Tree sitting on the floor. The thin tree was neither decorated nor lit up, but it was enough to raise his spirits during the holiday. As he lay down on the bed, the middle of the mattress sank down as the sides came up almost over his body. Tomorrow is Christmas… but why should it be different than any other day.


Matt sat outside in his car carefully eyeing the small apartment across the street. It was a single apartment over an empty garage, an easy hit. He had been there all day and was anxious to make his move. His stomach growled angrily reminding him that he had not eaten. He pulled out his wallet opening it to only find one dollar. Can’t buy much to eat with this…  He had to score big tonight or he would be going hungry for a while.

His mark was a really old man who always stayed to himself but seemed to always be happier than his meager appearance showed. Matt’s gut told him the old man had money tucked away in his apartment somewhere, and probably a lot of it. He had seen his type before, the older generation not trusting others and keeping their valuables tucked away in their houses. He had even seen some old timers filling their mattresses with money instead of putting it in the banks. He only hoped this old man had a few good things that he could find quickly.

There! His lights went off! It’s just a matter of time now to wait for his to fall asleep. Waiting another hour, Matt got out of his car softly closing the door. He tucked his tools under his coat and crossed the street to the apartment. The night was silent and the apartment was dark. With a quick twist of his pick, the door opened and Matt slipped in. His heart beat like a drum, he was both nervous and excited.

Inside, the apartment smelled of cigarettes and dust. The kitchen and front room were bare except for two chairs, the small Christmas tree and the TV. Matt looked around cautiously before moving farther in. He quietly opened the drawers and to find them bare. He moved to the TV to find it a larger older model not worth much. This is disappointing. He opened the door to the bedroom and quietly looked around. The sound of the old man snoring reassured him that he was unnoticed. Matt could barely see the old man sleeping in his bed like a human taco. He carefully examined the mattress but found nothing. The bed itself had to be as old as the old man. With a quick look through the empty dresser, Matt hung his head. He knew he had failed. He had never misjudged a mark so badly before. This old man had nothing at all. Even his clothes seems few.

Matt walked back into the front room not even bothering to close the bedroom door. Now what am I going to do? How am I going to eat tonight? His thoughts went to the refrigerator in hopes of finding a meal. Entering the kitchen, he opened the frig to find only a half-gallon of eggnog with only a small bit left. Nothing!

A flash of anger shot through his head. What kind of Christmas will this be for me? Matt’s anger turned to wonder. He never considered what it must be like for the old man. All this time Matt thought he had all kinds of money hidden somewhere since the old man seemed so happy. How could he be so happy with nothing? No food, no clothes, an old TV and furniture that have seen its better days.

Suddenly, Matt felt a bit of sorrow. Being so much younger Matt considered himself in a better situation than the old man. Sure he had no money to eat tonight, but he could take a few odd jobs around the neighborhood to eat well. He was still fit and able to make a living. Maybe trying to steel what others’ had wasn’t the best way to go about life. He sighed and hung his head. He took out his wallet as he walked to the front room. Under the Christmas Tree, Matt laid his last dollar. Merry Christmas, old man.