October Writing Challenge

Subject: Halloween Theme
Setting: Any
Time Period: Any
Length: 500 Words
Restrictions: None
Due: This Month

Here we are again… it’s October and we are looking forward to Halloween! Please write about anything you want relating to Halloween. Make it scary, funny or a bit of both. Just have fun with it!!!


You’re Welcome

To My Dear Friend Grant,

You gave an example with this month’s challenge, but you didn’t finish writing the story. I finished it up for you. No need to thank me, Just doing my job.



How did I get roped into this? Hansel thought to himself. Here he was, about to have dinner at one of the fanciest steakhouses in town, but why was he really here? So he could help spy on someone? He wasn’t even sure why it mattered. They weren’t married, so what satisfaction was she going to get out of seeing him cheating on her once again?

Nevermind her, I just wish I could find someone to love. It’s been so long, but women always seem so afraid of me. I wish I was more attractive, he thought. On good days, when his self-esteem might enable him to say something nice about himself, Hansel might have described himself as a handsome man. He was tall, had bright blue eyes, and people sometimes said he looked a little like Brad Pitt. He should have better luck with women, but his incredibly low self-esteem told him that he wasn’t good enough for anyone.

His eyes scanned the room to see if he recognized anyone. Most tables were occupied by couples looking like they were absolutely smitten with their companions, the restaurant, and their own appearances. He was just about done looking around when his eyes happened upon a beautiful brunette woman sitting by herself in a form-fitting and gorgeous red dress. What’s more, she was looking straight at him.

You’re staring, he thought, look away! But he couldn’t. Her stunning brown eyes held his captive. It was only a passing moment, but he thought he was staring for an eternity. And he noticed something else. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like she’s interested in me too! She has to be! Hansel was beginning to think that the evening might not turn out to be such a bust after all, but suddenly the woman’s expression changed to one of bemused disregard and she looked away.

You idiot. She was just watching people walk in. When she realized you were staring at her, she felt sorry for you and looked away before you got the wrong idea. Hansel’s heart sank. Just then, his sister walked up next to him. “Come on, I’ve got a table reserved just over here. We’ll be able to see that bastard no matter where he sits!” she spit the words out with such a fury that, for a brief moment, Hansel thought she was mad at him.


Gretel sat with her back to the wall. “Your server will be with you in just a moment. May I get you a drink, ma’am?”, the host asked. “I’ll have a pinot noir, please. Whatever’s cheapest,” she returned. “Very well ma’am. And for you, sir?” “Just a water, thanks,” Hansel replied. He sat down and looked at Gretel with those same hurt puppy dog eyes he had worn ever since Missy Muffett left him. I don’t know why you’re so sullen, Gretel thought, your ex was a dirty slut, just like Jack. They’re all dirty sluts.

Gretel peered around the room and saw nothing but couples on the verge of ruin. Look at that guy, he’ll cheat on her in no time. And that guy over there is too stupid to realize that woman doesn’t even want him. Just then, she saw another cheating bastard. Her cheating bastard.

“Shit, he’s here!” she exclaimed as she ducked behind her menu. Hansel started to turn around. “Don’t do that! What if he remembers you?!” Hansel turned back around and gave her a single look that managed to say “how in the hell is he going to remember me”. Gretel would have replied with a look of her own, but she was too busy focusing on Jack to notice.

She watched him come in wearing his typical outfit, baggy pants barely holding on to his thin frame and a superhero shirt touched by his “dirty hippie” length hair. You son of a bitch, you think you’re going to get a woman by personality alone? You’d better start flashing those Benjamin’s you’ve got, you dull jackass. That’s the only way you got a winner like me. And now you think you’re going to toss someone as beautiful and deserving of that money as me aside so you can sleep with this cheap hooker? You’d better think again. Gretel sat there, anxiously waiting for her pinot noir so she could down one, order another, and then put on a breakup show the likes of which these folks would never forget.