September – Monthly Writing Challenge – POV

Subject: Working on Point of View (POV) write a short and simple paragraph of two or more characters, such as a meeting, accident or any other event you can imagine. Write in the third person of the character and really get into his/her mind. When you are done, start the story over in a second character’s POV. 
Setting: Any
Time Period: Any
Length: 500 Words or more as needed
Restrictions: The writings must be in third person POV of two characters
Due: September


Here is a quick example of what we are trying to do.  Good Luck!!


Jack walked into the restaurant and could smell the steaks cooking. He knew the place well and looked forward to eating but felt overwhelmingly nervous about his blind date. What would she be like? Have I really been chatting with a girl … or is there a guy in here about to fall down laughing at me for asking him to got on a date in person? Jack walked toward the tables looking for a woman wearing a red dress as she had described herself in the chat that morning. The tables were filled with couples talking or eating, with only one table with a single party. Is that her? Jack moved to get a better look around the large menu standing up in front of the person. “Jill,” he called out. Slowly the menu came down revealing a beautiful brunette woman wearing a red dress with stunning brown eyes, smiling shyly. She’s beautiful! Jack smiled from ear to ear as he sat down at the table across from her. This is my lucky day!

Jill sat at the table at the Steak House looking over her makeup with her compact mirror. She felt too nervous to even think about eating tonight. What am I thinking meeting a guy from online. There are so many weirdos these days. I should have listened to my sister and stayed home tonight. Jill’s head turned every time someone came in the door. Soon a tall man looking like Brad Pitt entered the door. Jill’s heart raced. Is this him? Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea. A tall blonde walked in behind the handsome man. Jill silently laughed at herself. I just hoped I don’t regret accepting his date. Jill turned to see a thin man with shoulder length hair wearing baggy pants walk in. He wore what she thought was a Captain America T-shirt. No! Please don’t let this guy be him! The thin man seem to be looking around the tables. No! Jill quickly picked up the menu and placed it in front of her attempting to hide. “Jill,” the man called out. She knew she was caught. No backing out now. She slowly lowered the menu hoping to find anyone else except the thin man. To her disappointment, the thin man stood looking at her with wide eyes and an open mouth. She tried to smile. The man sat down across from her. This is the worst night ever!