The Big Race

Subject: An Action scene
Setting: Any
Time period: Any
Length: Less than 500
Restrictions: None
Due: April 30th


Trent walked towards his car, barely containing his excitement.  He had been waiting for this for what seemed like forever and he couldn’t help grinning uncontrollably.  His heart was beating fast as he gulped from his cup anxiously waiting to roll.  He looked up to see the signal he was waiting for and jumped in, pressing his foot down hard on the gas pedal to make the race car take off fast as lightening.

Trent jumped into the lead in the initial straight away, picking up even more speed as he rounded the first turn.  Just then his car sputtered.  What was this?! he thought.  No, no, no, not now!   Trent’s car started to slow down and several cars passed him.  His heart started to sink as he realized his chance to win this one was slipping.

As he looked out the car window up towards the people around him he wondered if his fans would still be fans if he lost.  They seemed disinterested in the race, or at least bored with his failure today to maintain his ‘Fastest Car in the World’ reputation, and he had grown accustomed to having all the ladies hover around him.

Then, just as suddenly as it began, his car returned to its usual perfection.  Thankful for the sudden break he kicked it into gear and sped off towards the next turn.  His tires squealed as he leaned into it, doing his best to ignore the large, blurry towers at the edges of the track.  They could be very distracting if he let them but with his coach’s words in his ears he kept his eyes forward and his hands on the wheel.  He appeared to be back in the lead, no other cars in sight.

Trent grinned again, this time as he was speeding through an S-curve, his favorite one on this track.  He knew this curve was the most difficult one of all the tracks he had been on but he did his best to keep focused.  As Trent struggled not to become distracted, the large towers and all the people tempted him.  Determination was his friend now, and he worked hard to keep his focus.

As Trent punched the gas pedal the car sped up and into the last curve.  He passed one more car and was saddened when he realized he had finished the lap.  He pulled up to the finish line and leaped out of his car.  So overjoyed at winning another race he suddenly couldn’t help himself any longer.  Those large towers drew him in and he ignored the coach’s words.  Trent ran over, grabbed at the towers, and jumped as he heard his coach.

“Trent!  No candy today, it is not time for a snack.”  Trent looked down in disappointment, then grinned and looked at his mom with innocent eyes willing her to give in to the chocolate.  As she shook her head, he noticed all the ladies looking at him sweetly.  Well, he thought, at least I won the race.

4 thoughts on “The Big Race

  1. I liked how you got a lot action into just a few words. One question though; what exactly were the towers? Were they the legs of a table?

    • They were supposed to be the shelving of the grocery store they were in. I finished the story in a short amount of time. I know I have some editing to do. Yet again….not entirely happy with it but I’m not sure I ever will be no matter how much I edit. ; )

  2. Shelle, great job! I liked the idea of the racer being a kid in the end in his mom’s shopping cart. She controlled the cart and little Trent thought there was something wrong with his car. I thought the towers were candy displays : ) Great job!

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