The Adventures of Evets Relhots!

Subject: An Action scene
Setting: Any
Time period: Any
Length: Less than 500
Restrictions: None
Due: April 30th

Water rushed into Evets’s mouth. He struggled to keep his head above the waterline. His arms frantically thrashed about while his leg muscles threatened to cramp up. The dirty water stung his eyes and filled his nose. Evets did his best not to panic. His long gray beard had been washed over his face making it difficult to see anything. He had enough!

He raked his beard from his face with his fingers, spitting water from his mouth. He fought for a deep breath and tightened his muscles. Fearing for his life, Evets lashed his arms out wide hoping to come into contact with something. His right hand connected with a ledge. With all the strength left in his weakened body, he pulled himself to the ledge. He wrapped his left arm around and rested his body. Evets took a deep breath. Almost there!

Kicking his feet and using his chest to ease himself over the ledge, he fell with a thump. Evets laid on the floor coughing up the remaining water in his lungs. He wrung out the water from his beard, thankful he made it out alive.

Evets reached for the towel on the counter and walked away from the bathtub. He walked back into his living room and sat back down in his chair wearing nothing but his towel. He smiled a sign of relief knowing it would be another month before he would have to struggle with another bathing experience. Coffee time!

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